About Outdoor Photo Workshops

OPW offers you the best in outdoor adventure and nature photography workshops, helping you improve your photography and make great images in a fun and relaxed setting. Our instructors provide in-field, hands-on photo instruction coupled with classroom sessions and image critiques, tailoring their instruction to meet the needs of each photographer, regardless of skill level or camera equipment. Our focus is on helping you improve your nature photography skills and expand your creativity while providing you opportunities to photograph unique and exciting outdoor adventure and nature subjects.


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Jason Hahn

Jason Hahn is a professional nature photographer who specializes in capturing unique photographs of the creatures and scenery that make Florida such a special place. Certified as a Florida Master Naturalist, he uses this knowledge to capture exceptional photographs of wildlife and natural scenery in his resident state and abroad.

He has been widely published in books and magazines nationwide with clients such as Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Popular Photography, Florida Wildlife Magazine, Defender Magazine, Nature Newswatch, Kiteboarding Magazine, Watchable Wildlife Guide, Sybex Publishing, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and many more.

Jason has been a regular photographer and writer for New Floridian Magazine and past board president for a central Florida artist's cooperative. He is also a member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). His work has been awarded top honors by NANPA and he was also one of only 20 photographers from around the world selected to participate in the Images for Conservation Fund (ICF) Pro-tour competition for 2008.

Jason's photography is featured on his website, www.HahnNaturePhotography.com.

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Steve Babbitt

Steve Babbitt has been making photographs of the Western United States for the past 25 years. He works with digital, silver and non-silver photographic processes in black and white and color. Steve is drawn to subjects, primarily in the landscape, which are often abstract or in some way seem out of place or not readily identifiable.

Steve has been teaching photography at the college level for 20 years and is currently a professor of photography at Black Hills State University in South Dakota. His photographs can be found in the collections of The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France; The Getty Museum Library, Malibu, California; the Sioux Falls Civic Fine Arts Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; The Dahl Fine Art Center, Rapid City, South Dakota and the San Francisco Art Institute..

Steve's photography is featured on his website, www.stevebabbittphotography.com.


Jim Caldwell

Jim is an award winning photographer who traveled the country in the 1970s and 1980s as a motion picture cameraman making TV commercials, industrial films and documentaries. He is also a stock photographer and his images have appeared in many national and international publications such as Popular Photography, Audubon Magazine, and The London Times in addition to
hundreds of textbooks, calendars and travel brochures.

Jim has also has a passion for teaching photography and sharing his many years of experience. He has arranged photo tours and traveled and photographed many parts of the world such as China, Tibet, Turkey, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and many others. He grew up camping, photographing and exploring the Florida countryside.  Jim has earned his Florida Master Naturalist Certification and currently sits on the Pinellas Friends of Florida Master Naturalists board.

Jim has been an active member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) for over 35 years as well as National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), and the North American Nature Photographer's Association (NANPA).

Some of Jim's photography can be found at his website, www.elusiveimage.net
and he hosts a podcast for nature and travel photographers at www.thefotobug.com.


Dick Kettlewell

Dick Kettlewell has been a professional photographer for 28 years, having worked both as a photojournalist and a nature photographer while earning numerous awards.

As a photojournalist he spent many years on daily newspaper staffs including the Albuquerque Journal and the Rapid City Journal during which he was primarily a sports photographer, covering sporting events from high school level to professional. He has also worked for numerous major newspapers on a contract and freelance basis, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, etc.

While with the Rapid City Journal, he produced a photo column for that paper's outdoor page entitled "Spring Creek Chronicles" which featured images and stories about the region's wildlife and landscapes. This column was also the recipient of many journalistic awards for both photography and writing. Kettlewell continues to publish that column for the Rapid City Journal and is currently working on a book of the same name and theme.

In addition to publishing his nature images in other well-known publications such as the Smithsonian Magazine, the Discovery Magazine, the Natural History Magazine, etc., Kettlewell has also published two books about the wildlife and landscapes of the region entitled Black Hills Impressions and South Dakota Wildlife Impressions. Both are produced by Far Country Press and are available in major bookstores such as Borders and on the Amazon network.


Fred Rodgers

Fred Rodgers

Fred has been an avid photographer from the day that he first picked up his grandfather’s Kodak 35 and started capturing landscapes near his home in Memphis, Tennessee. After high school, he was considering the study of photography but ended up pursuing horticulture as a career with a minor in mass communications. After a few years in the industry, he returned to school to become an educator in his chosen field. His camera was never far from his side. He compiled pictorial catalogs of different plant species and captured hundreds of images of the insects and other pest problems to assist students in their horticultural studies. His love of nature was a key factor in his continued interest in landscape and later, wildlife photography. Fred has traveled throughout Florida to capture the unique beauty of its flora and fauna.

His experiences with film and cinematography in college led him to add videography to his skill set. He has worked on several educational projects that combined elements of photography and videography. As a result of these experiences, he spent 6 years teaching video production to middle school students in the Pinellas County School District. He currently teaches horticulture at Pinellas Technical College in St. Petersburg, Florida and is co-host of The Fotobug Podcast, www.thefotobug.com.

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Nicole Hahn

Nicole Bio Pic smallNicole has not written her bio yet, she has been way too busy organizing our workshops, and trying to keep us all in line, an impossible task at best! I was going to make up her bio, maybe throw in some stuff about her being raised by wolves as a young girl, or her time as a placekicker in the NFL, but I figure I am in enough trouble as it is. So I'll just stick this in here until she finds it, I get caught and have to replace it with the real bio!