Take it From Them – What our Past Participants Have to Say

Sure, we think our workshops are some of the best out there. Knowledgeable workshop leaders, great locations, detailed instruction, what’s not to love? But, we understand if you want to hear how just fun/informative/amazing our workshops are from our past participants. So here is a collection of comments straight from them (most of whom have recovered completely from the experience, with only minor side effects).

In Their Words…

I cannot say enough about Nicole and Jason. From the time you contact them, to the time you leave it is truly one of the best experiences you could ask for. Jason will make your technique and pictures better, and you may not even realize it’s happening. I can’t wait to schedule my next workshop!!! I had done one with Jason before and it was fantastic, so when something is as good as this, you stick with it. The second one was great as well, can’t wait to do my third! The only thing I would change is MY schedule; I wish I could stay longer. All around great experience, best money I’ve spent on photography. Book yours soon!!!
-Mark R., Illinois

I think I learned more on this workshop than on any one workshop I’ve attended. The Instructor was well versed in all phases of photography and was skillful in his approach to teaching. I highly recommend Les, and Outdoor Photo Workshops. I was very impressed with the Instructor and his knowledge and his ability to thoroughly explain the topics discussed. I’m looking forward to attending more workshops with him.
-Cecil T., Florida

Great time…Great Location……….Great Instructor…and great images who could ask for more……..Les makes extreme photography easy. It was a great shoot………..I would recommend it to other photographers. Les is excellent at giving feedback and constructive criticism.
-Rick J., California

This workshop was great I would tell anyone thinking about it to go!!!!!!! The lodge staff went above and beyond any place I have been. The food was great; I now have to go on a diet. Jason is there to be sure you get what you need to grow in photography. And the place is breath taking. I am always looking to grow in my photography, Jason and Les both seem to enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge. I know I will walk away with something new.
-Nancy D., Texas

This class exceeded my expectations! As a beginner, I learned answers to questions I didn’t know I had. Jason put all of us completely at ease with all aspects of photography and Nicole organized the entire program perfectly. One of the pleasant surprises was getting to know the other photographers in the class (most of which were much more advanced than me) and learning from them as well. This class truly was ideal for everyone!
-Gail G., Michigan

I learned more about photography in 2 days, than I learned in 8 other trips with instructors. I will be back to do other trips with les.
-Jim M., Ohio

Jason and Nicole gave me a lot of tips that were extremely helpful. While there were other people in the class I felt like I had a one on one with Jason.
-Jay B., Florida

I have enjoyed both workshops I have taken. They keep you well informed as to when, where, how to get there and what to bring and are able to answer any questions and put it on your ability level so can understand and learn at your speed. Thank you again for working with me on the dates.
-Linda T., Florida

I highly recommend attending a photo workshop with Outdoor Photo Workshops for beginning, intermediate, and even more advanced photographers. They have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and are willing to answer even the most basic questions without hesitation. They are also very friendly, which makes the course even more fun. Everyone in the group had a great time, and left with not just great photos, but with the knowledge to take even better ones in the future. Jason did a great job of communicating the hows and even the whys to taking outdoor photos. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in photographing the natural world, especially wildlife. His knowledge of the local animal species was quite impressive.
-Sarah F., Florida

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Les and Steve for their enthusiasm and courtesies during the landscape course in Utah. Les was most generous with his knowledge and assistance, a refreshing thing to see from presenters who (at other courses) often forget the reason people attend these events. I’ll certainly recommend you to others who ask for good courses to attend.
-Allen B., British Columbia, Canada

This was a great workshop! I FINALLY understand aperture!! I’ve taken many classes but the technical stuff never made sense– these guys have found a way to explain it! Not only do you get the technical stuff– you find out how to apply it to your shooting and see what a difference it makes with some great wildlife shots. I really enjoyed the workshop– the breaks every hour or so kept us fresh, the pace of the class was good, and all the material was right on target for what I wanted to learn.
-Lori L., Florida

Wonderful workshop and everyone was friendly – it was fun!! It was a great learning experience and instructor was knowledgeable of subject. He kept it fun and very informative. Looking forward to more…
-Mary R., Florida

I was very pleased with all aspects of this workshop. Jason was very knowledgeable and provided me with information in a way that was easy to understand. My thanks to Jason, as well as Nicole, for helping me become a better photographer! I do not have any recommendations for change. Jason made me feel comfortable with my skill level and provided me with valuable information to help me improve. I hope and plan to take another workshop in the fall.
-Janet H., Florida

For anyone looking to improve their photography skills in winter this is the perfect workshop. The instructor is knowledgeable about photography, subjects and models, and provides an excellent group learning experience for all levels. If photographing the western lifestyle interests you then this is the workshop to attend!
-Kat K., Washington

The Everglades was my first weekend photo workshop, and I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether I would be too far below the skill level of the other participants. I enjoyed every aspect of the program. I learned a lot more than I expected to learn, and had a great time doing it. It was just what I needed. I am looking forward to the next program.
-Bill R., Florida

Jason obviously knows and loves birds & other wildlife in Florida. He communicates his passion through his photography and he is willing to share his knowledge without restriction. Jason Hahn clearly showed his knowledge and passion for Florida’s birds. He was open about sharing his techniques of taking good bird photographs. Without taking this custom workshop, we probably wouldn’t have photographed the birds that we did – we wouldn’t have known the places to visit.
-Susan M., Hawaii

Les had those horses right where they needed to be! Every time! We had some exceptional opportunities. They all must have gotten the same pre-workshop info. The lone stallion that came running down the street challenging the double band must have taken exceptional planning. By the last day the band showed us a fine farewell with a jousting match at sunset and then walked down to the water hole with hoofs clattering on the road while the sun sunk below the horizon. The buffalo coming from behind going to the same watering hole was I am sure was just lucky! Les is an excellent teacher. He is able to share his knowledge of the wildlife and photography in such a way that makes the entire experience a wonderful learning process.
-Sharon H., Florida

A great workshop which met all my expectations. You’ll have the wide open spaces for a classroom and you will learn a lot. Great location. And 4 hard days of photography which was great.
-Margaret T., Texas

This workshop exceeded my expectations in every way. The workshop leader’s knowledge of photography and his willingness to provide assistance was great, and his knowledge of the subject matter, especially the behaviors of the various animals, really prepared me for the shooting situations we were in. All around excellent experience.
-Dennis M., Massachusetts

I was nervous about attending the course as it has been 30+ years since my high school photography class. However, within 5 minutes, Jason put me at ease. Plus, he provided examples and analogies that made concepts easier to understand. I provide customized instructional design and training for clients, so I naturally was evaluating Jason as he taught (sorry…nature of my job!). Jason did a great job in terms of platform skills, explaining and demonstrating, as well as breaking everything down to a level we could all comprehend. Jason provided just the right amount of humor to lighten the class. It was a great workshop and I look forward to attending more. Thanks Jason!
-Craig G., Florida

I had a great day with Jason and Nicole. Jason was very knowledgeable about the area we were in. Gave lots of good info about the wildlife, their habitat, how to approach the birds. He was always looking for a photo op. He did find a Horn Rimmed owl for us to watch. It wasn’t just birds and animals but looking for patterns in nature, like on the beach, in the dunes and even looking at more industrial shots. We had that opportunity because we were at Ft DeSoto State Park. The day for my One on One wasn’t the best weather wise and they did offer to reschedule but due to my vacation schedule I couldn’t do that. I was very impressed that they offered. We made the most of the day and I did get some really nice shots. I learned a lot from Jason and am moving out of my comfort zone with not using the auto on my camera. I would definitely take another workshop from them. They take very good care of their clients and haven’t lost one yet. Many thanks to Jason and Nicole. Put me at ease, offered great suggestions and made me look at my surroundings in different ways.
-Lori B., Iowa

Jason and Nicole were great “guides”. They took me into places in the Everglades that I would not have visited on my own. I saw and photographed a lot of interesting things. For me, on this day, Jason was an outstanding guide; he knows the territory and knew where to find alligators, birds and flowers, all things I said I wanted to see. I would like to go out with Jason again and next time I will be better prepared to pick his brains. A great opportunity to work with an outstanding naturalist and accomplished photographer.
-Robert C., Michigan

Jason was great! I had a really great day – not only did he help me with the settings on my camera, but also was very helpful with suggestions of what to take photos of… some of which would have never occurred to me.
-Stacy W., Florida

The opportunity given by Outdoor Photo Workshop, truly works to strengthen the eye behind the lens. Allowing a picture of ordinary composition, turn into an extraordinary shot with the helpful guidance offered. In addition, the wisdom to know the time of day and location to get unique images is priceless for an avid photographer. The entire experience was very valuable. I really appreciated the desire to ensure each participant was given the opportunity to get the shot required on each bird. The thoughtful touches to give the birds a look of being in the wild were important, especially in my editing sessions. On a side note, I thought Nicole did a great job keeping things on track, and really being the brains behind the organization. Having been in charge of events, it’s the little details, follow up e-mails, and keeping in touch with future classes that make all the difference.
-Courtney A., Florida

I can highly recommend this workshop. I learned a ton and had a great time doing it. Really enjoyed Jason’s laid back attitude–very inviting –put you at ease very quickly.
-Brian H., North Carolina

This workshop was the best way to see grizzly bears in their natural state, and to appreciate a little of wild Alaska. The instruction was excellent, the bears plentiful and willing to be photographed, the guides were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and the food wonderful. I loved the critique sessions; it really made me think harder (composition etc.) before clicking.
-Sue W., Maine

The Outdoor Photo Workshops trip to Alaska was the experience of a lifetime. I am thrilled with my photos and will never forget how much fun I had. Everything about this adventure was first class. I learned a lot about nature photography and my pictures are the proof. Jason is a pleasure to be with.
-Lloyd B., Florida

A good camera is expensive. One buys it in hopes that he/she will use it to its full potential. Without proper instruction, it is almost impossible for the amateur to do this. I am that amateur; yet, after having taken an Outdoor Photo Workshop, my ability to use my camera is remarkably better, as well as taking pictures that are actually quite good. This is not a matter of luck! This would not happen without proper instruction, which is exactly what OPW sets out to do: teach one to properly use the camera in order to achieve ones potential.
-Sally D., South Carolina

I can’t say enough about OPW. They delivered what they promised: location, wildlife, and education. Best of all they make it fun. It was a small group and we got along well. The whole time was relaxed, informative and fun. And I made new friends which is a plus.
-Tony P., Wisconsin

I really enjoyed it. Jason and Nicole were upbeat and positive, and seemed to enjoy the event as much as everyone else…even though they do this repeatedly with other groups. Definitely not burned out, but you can tell they love what they do.
-Robert K., Florida

This workshop was outstanding. I was able to take some of the best photos I have ever taken. The workshop was informative, lots of fun, and all of the participants were great. It was pretty close to perfect.
-David B., South Dakota

Jason presented information in an understandable manner. He was open to questions and gladly talked during the breaks. He was relaxed and completely approachable.
-Keith H., Florida

The Digital Darkroom course was a great class for the beginner or avid photographer. Learning ideas and tips on workflow, and other aspects outside of shooting were great. Definite must for any photographer. Amazing class. Very informative and casual. The relaxed atmosphere really helped with the confidence of the students and allowed them to feel comfortable asking questions. Keep up the great job!
-William C., Florida

Jason does an excellent job and I look forward to more from him. Keep up the good work. I hope in the future to be able to attend one of your other photography workshops.
-William D., Florida

Overall, very worthwhile. I will likely take another workshop with Outdoor Photo Workshops sometime in the future. Would also be very comfortable recommending your workshops to others. Thank you!
-David C., Florida

A great way to get photos of authentic western cowboys and horses, that I could not otherwise have obtained, and in a beautiful setting too.
-Inge J., Washington

I thought Jason was excellent – very knowledge about photography, different camera settings, different cameras, and the wildlife we encountered. He was also very easy to approach with a question and has a natural charisma about him that makes him immediately likable.
-Keith K., Florida

I have been taking photos for over 35 years. In that time I have developed my own way of photographing different subjects. Mostly nature and wildlife. I have read some books and online articles over the years to improve my technique. None worked as well as taking a nature photography workshop from Outdoor Photo Workshops. I would highly recommend OPW for yourself or as a gift for any photographer. I liked that Jason and Nicole asked often if we had any questions. I know for myself, I am used to walking around silently for hours when I am on a nature “photo shoot”. Jason took the time necessary for whoever asked the question to understand the answer. Very informative. Thanks Jason & Nicole for a great workshop.
-Matt H., Florida

Outdoor Photo Workshops exceeded my expectations. I learned more in the 5 hour fundamental class than I did in my photography certification classes! Great class!! What a great birthday gift from my friend!! Can’t wait ’til the next class.
-Cindy B., Florida

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop. Great program, look forward to my next one. Let the staff and instructors know they did a great job. Thank you.
-Larry D., Florida

Had a great day at a new location. Learned more about birds and taking photos.
-Wesley W., Florida

I love photography and my wife got this for me as a gift. The overall experience with Outdoor Photo Workshops was a phenomenal one. Registration was easy, communication before the shoot was flawless, directions to the site was right-on, and the location and time of year was simply majestic (Fort DeSoto in Florida, springtime). Our instructor, Jason Hahn (with his wife Nicole), directed us extensively to many locations throughout the park. Jason was not only proficient in coaching the group with shot composure, information on equipment/gear, and comparisons of editing programs, but also demonstrated the background knowledge of the wildlife we were encompassed in. Timing to all locations was impeccable with superb lighting, many long shadows, and tons of nature. We even got tips on how to approach wildlife without disturbing the peace. I highly recommend attending a class with Outdoor Photo Workshops–it was worth every penny! Jason & Nicole were great people. If giving the opportunity, I would love to take another class with them.
-Brent Y., Florida

I wrote my own survey, here it is:
1. Would I say that my experience with Outdoor Workshops was a good experience? NO, I would say it was just north of a great experience. The organization is professional, caring, and friendly. Jason is a very talented photographer and an extremely interesting fellow.
2. Did I learn a lot from my day with Jason? I am thrilled with what I’ve learned about photography, and what I have learned about the Everglades. I feel I got more than my money’s worth, a lot more.
3. Would I return for another session? YES, YES, YES. I am hoping to do just that in January. Thank you both.
-AJ P., Canada

I am SO PLEASED with the workshop that I took last weekend. I FINALLY understand the camera exposure settings. (I have been confused for a long time) Jason is an awesome teacher. He is so concise and answered everyone’s questions with patience and clarity. I can’t wait to take the next class he teaches. Nicole is so helpful too. The class and registration process was flawless. If you want to really understand your camera and shoot in something other than the “auto” setting, I highly recommend this class. Thanks again Jason.
-Judy L., Florida

The entire experience was even better than I anticipated. This class provided the perfect opportunity for advice, tips and demonstrations to benefit the beginning photographer. The environment was comfortable, the information was perfectly structured and Mr. Hahn is an ideal teacher. The knowledge level was evident, but even more important, the ability to translate that knowledge in a way that a novice could process it and use it immediately. The class was immensely enjoyable and provided a very comfortable tutorial. I will definitely look for future classes to continue improving my camera skill levels and without a doubt recommend this class to anyone similarly interested in photography. The class was exactly what a neophyte photographer needed….very well constructed.
-Tommie S., Florida

If you have a desire to take your wildlife photography to the next level then this is the workshop to attend. Lots of instruction, easy to follow directions, and friendly staff. Jason did very well and we had several people who didn’t know there were other programs on their cameras other than auto. Jason was able to get them to use the entire range of functions of their cameras. -Carlton P., Florida

Provided meaningful information which I feel will help me get more “wow” shots. I felt it was an excellent opportunity to increase my photography skills and learn more about the wildlife and ecosystem in a setting that I go to frequently (8 miles from home). I really appreciate going there with someone who is more knowledgeable than I am and I hope to share information with my camera club. Totally positive experience, I will highly recommend it. It was a very much appreciated gift.
-Judith L., Florida

Highly recommend these courses, very informative. Thank you.
-Mark S., Florida

Wonderful workshop and everyone was friendly – it was fun!! It was a great learning experience and instructor was knowledgeable of subject. He kept it fun and very informative. Looking forward to more…
-Mary R., Florida

I really enjoyed it. Jason and Nicole were upbeat and positive, and seemed to enjoy the event as much as everyone else…even though they do this repeatedly with other groups. Definitely not burned out, but you can tell they love what they do.
-Robert K., Florida

Outdoor Photo Workshops exceeded my expectations. I learned more in the 5 hour fundamental class than I did in my photography certification classes! Great class!! What a great birthday gift from my friend!! Can’t wait ’til the next class.
-Cindy B., Florida

Jason is an outstanding person and instructor. He really connected with the group and was entertaining while giving out great information. He so patiently answered all my teen’s questions about becoming a photographer. It was great!
-Florence K., Florida

OPW workshop was great! The classes back and forth conversations with the instructor, as well as his knowledge and experience, made it well worth the time and expense. We walked out learning and understanding far more than when we started. Plan to take more courses with both OPW and the instructor! Instructor had a great attitude and taught very smoothly. Would gladly recommend. Great Job!
Cj L., Florida

Jason is a great instructor! He is so knowledgeable about his subject and can translate that well to the beginner/novice photographer. He has a great sense of humor which helped in keeping the class moving along and even laughed at himself several times which makes him easily relatable. I would highly recommend this class to any beginner photographer even if your passion isn’t just about taking pictures of the outdoors! I learned a lot!
-Christine M., Florida

The camaraderie was so much fun. The lodge and food great. The time spent out was spectacular… so glad I was there… wonderful time. Taking pix of horses, and scenery and the steaming breath of the horses. All was great. The folks all fit together well and we all told personal stories on ourselves and there was lots of laughter.
-Clinta W., Texas

Jason is a great instructor who makes photography sound easy! I have been playing with my camera every day since the class and cannot wait to take pictures of penguins in Patagonia next week! Loved it and thank you!!!!
-Cecilia J., Florida

This is my first time. Looking forward to more.
-Jose G., Florida

The class helps you to understand and then use the functions available on most cameras and why you will want to know how to use those functions to capture the best photos possible! Thanks again!
-Judith T., Michigan/Florida

This class was absolutely perfect for learning the basics of photography and how to use your SLR. The teachers are just wonderful and provide a lot of value on photography beyond the basics. Entertaining and educational. I would highly recommend.
-Terra A., Florida

Let me start off by saying that I was skeptical and put a lot of research into which company/workshop to invest in. I chose to go with your company and it was one of the best decisions I ever made!!! From the very beginning and early dealings with Nicole, all the way through the actual workshop with Jason, everything was top notch and vastly beyond any expectations I had set for the two days. Jason was easy going, easy to communicate with, gave real situation responses and advice, was right there all the time and you feel and feed off the enthusiasm coming off of him. At the end of it all, I felt like I owed him more money (which he will most likely get in the near future anyway ). I posted the pictures on my web site and everyone has commented about them, not believing that I really took most of them. I also put your name and company on my site, and will be putting your contact info on there shortly. Please keep me updated on upcoming workshops and events. I will definitely see you for your Alaska trip.
-Mark R., Illinois

Jason inspires me to become a great photographer!
-Carla W., Florida

Many thanks to you, Jason, and Jim for the Outdoor/Wildlife Workshop yesterday. I heard many favorable comments, and I, personally, appreciated the well-prepared, direct, but fun presentation by Jason. Having “played” with cameras for many years, I finally feel that I came away with a much better understanding of the “technology” of cameras and how to put it to use. Thanks again, to all of you. Please pass along my appreciation.
-Janett Z., Florida

If I could afford only one photo workshop in my life, this would be it.
If I had a different interest than photography, I would redefine my hobbies, buy a camera just to go to this workshop.
It was perfectly delivered, in the perfect place with the perfect instructor.
– Guillermo R, Mexico City

I have attended 11 photography workshops. I felt that Outdoor Photo Workshops is an excellent organization and with the instruction you will receive was the best part. It included critiquing your photos and learning about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how they relate to one another. Jason is great presenting the information and talking to individual photographers about their images and cameras.
– Helen S., Washington

Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to shoot with, I would take another workshop in a heartbeat.
-Stan Z., Wisconsin

Nicole, I’ve just returned from the “Prairie Dancer” Workshop and couldn’t be more pleased with the photographs I ended up with. In my opinion, just having the opportunity to watch the mating ritual of the Sharptail Grouse was worth the trip, not to mention having the opportunity to photograph the activity. Dick Kettlewell went above and beyond with his efforts to insure that we were in the right place at the right time, sharing his knowledge and helping to insure that I was prepared at the right moments for capturing optimal photos. Dick’s knowledge of the area and additional prairie species lent itself to affording me some of the best wildlife action photo’s that I have taken in quite some time. To say that I am thrilled about the photos I took this past weekend is an understatement.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone – you, Jason, Les, and Dick, for the invaluable instruction and assistance with the development of my nature photography over the past year. I couldn’t have selected a better group to learn and develop from. I have experienced a definite “higher level” of outdoor photography skills as a result of everyone’s help and I feel fortunate for that. I would also add that I am always treated as a “photography friend” and not just as a student or client. After experiencing other teaching methods and styles, I can assure you that you are now stuck with having to see me on a regular basis at your workshops now. I recently took advantage of your VIP repeat offender offer and experienced a free one-on-one workshop with Jason in Florida. Again, I came away with great photos and as always, garnered more photography education in the process. Please let everyone know that I am appreciative beyond words, and look forward to seeing you in Alaska this summer!
-Dave S., Oklahoma

The workshops are well organized with emphasis on getting in position to take outstanding wildlife pictures. As you know; sometimes the particular species may or may not be doing exactly what we expect them to; and your organization had excellent back up shoots to accommodate this.
-Mikael M., Oklahoma

Jason is a really accomplished photographer and nature expert. He enjoys teaching also and takes pride in sharing his knowledge with students. Class act.
-Karl C., North Carolina

“Wild Mustangs and the Badlands” is an incredible workshop. The location and experience of getting up close and personal with those beautiful horses is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only did we learn a lot about photography, but Jason’s knowledge, patience and sense of adventure made the trip even more fun. This was our second workshop, and we’re looking forward to our third.
-Carolyn & Chris G., Florida

Jason Hahn is a very talented & creative photographer and instructor. I highly recommend his workshops to improve your own photographic talents.
-Patty S., Florida

This was my first workshop & it exceeded my expectations!! All the people I met or talked to Nicole, Les & Jason were all very nice & helpful. I have sent an invite to this site to everyone on my FaceBook list. I will definitely do another workshop!! Thanks again for all of your help!
-Kimberly D., Illinois

This workshop exceeded my expectations from the amount of time spent in individual instruction, variety of photographic topics covered, and most importantly the quality and quantity of photographic subjects that were available. Les, our instructor had great insight into the habits of the wildlife that we were photographing which led to getting some great photos. The other topics that we covered in discussions and demos were extremely useful.
-David B., South Dakota

Teddy Roosevelt National Park is a spectacular place, and the horses were far more impressive than I anticipated. The incredible scenery, combined with excellent, friendly instruction, made this the best photographic workshop I’ve had the pleasure of attending!
-Nathan L., Ontario, Canada

This was my first photo workshop. I came with a decent camera, one basic classroom course behind me and very little other experience and it was a perfect course to bring me to the next level. It was practical and covered composition, lighting, personal interpretation and post-production. The instructors were fabulous in their teaching style and responses to questions.
-Christine C., Florida

I had a great weekend at the workshop. I learned new information, learned to put it into practice, and had a nice little adventure in the beautiful area of Everglades. It was a very well organized workshop. Jason is a great instructor, very knowledgeable, patient, and laid-back. I would certainly recommend the workshop and the instructor to anyone.
-Inna M., North Carolina

I learned a lot over the weekend and saw and experienced things I could not have done on my own.
-Tracy P., Connecticut

Jason H. & Jim C. led a great weekend providing a lot of information and assistance. Highly recommend them as leaders of Photo Workshops. Although I am a nearby resident of the Everglades, I learned a lot from their knowledge of photography as well as of the local habitat.
-Ken R., Florida

Excellent knowledge of not just photography, but the nature communities we visit, the wildlife we see and their behaviors and activities.
-John L., Florida

I recommend this workshop; it is fun, live & practical… love that Outdoor Photo Workshops knows exactly where to go.
-Juan A., Washington

An amazing experience. I’d say “once in a lifetime”…but we’re planning to come back next year.

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is totally relaxed, but be prepared by having extra film, flash, batteries, memory cards, etc. You’ll take more photos than you think you will so… be prepared!!
-Brooke G., Florida

Great experience, fantastic location – I’ll be back.

Jason and Nicole are wonderful people – very knowledgeable and caring. If you get a chance to take a workshop – go for it! Your money will never be better spent!!
-Brooke G., Florida

I like the size of the group. I liked that the skill level was not just beginner.

I don’t normally do all positive, but this was excellent and there’s nothing that needs to be commented on for improvement. This was great fun and very rewarding. That would be true even if I didn’t get good photos, which I’m sure I did.

Great job!
-Jim C., Florida

It was very apparent that quite a bit of thought, planning, and execution was put towards this photo opportunity. It showed because of the smoothness of events. Thank you for your hard efforts. Everyone worked very well with the participants.
-Jack M., Texas

What an incredible experience to be able to learn so much from Les and Jason and at the same time be in the setting of a lifetime! This was a great learning experience and a great get away to the good life!
-Marcie J., Tennessee

This is truly a unique experience led by Jason and Les who are uniquely qualified to lead the workshop.

Thanks for a great weekend!

This was the most incredible photography learning experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in wild animal photography. Jason and Les’ experience and guidance mad this weekend a trip that I will never forget! I don’t think “strongly agree” is a high enough category! Maybe adding an “Oh my God!” or “Unbelievable” might come just a bit closer to how awesome everything was!
-Greg J., Tennessee

Everyone and everything was outstanding! I would highly recommend this experience to photographers – beginning and advanced. This was an experience of a lifetime.
-Laurie E.

Great workshop, I learned a lot about photography! Jason, Nicole, and everyone else were terrific. Jason’s knowledge about the animals and habitats enhanced what was learned about how to take better pictures.
-Amanda R., Massachusetts