Florida Photo Tours and 1 on 1 Workshops

Our Florida Photo Tours and Workshops are the perfect way to see Florida’s nature and history, while getting great photos of it all!

Our Photo Tours focus on getting you to great locations all over the Tampa Bay area, based on what you want to see and photograph. We offer half day sessions, sunrise or sunset, at places we know and love for having great outdoor photography opportunities. Whether you love to see and photograph wildlife, landscapes, historic sites, or just a big variety of the coolest things in the Tampa Bay area, we’ll get you to the right spots at the best times for the shots you want!

Interested in a more personal learning experience? Our One-on-One workshops are a great way for you to work on whatever skill you want to develop. From animal portraiture, to exciting landscapes, to working with elusive wildlife, no nature photography topic is off limits. We will pair you up with an instructor focused on your photo interests and Please click your photo instructor of choice for more information on their individualized courses.