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  • “Total Exposure – I just Got a Camera, Now What?” – download link
  • “Total Exposure – The Ultimate Nature Photography Crash Course” – download link
  • “Total Exposure – Advanced Course” download link
  • “Total Exposure – Digital Darkroom” – still working on it…

Course Materials and References

  • Photography Cheetshet – Trifold – download link
  • Total Exposure Reference Guide –  download link
  • Ten Tips to Better Nature Photography – download link
  • The Art of Compromise Part 1:  Wildlife Photography – download link

Total Exposure Photography Class“Total Exposure”…What is this All about?

As the (insert amazing wild animal of choice here) steps out of the edge of the woods into view and you prepare to capture your award winning images of it, you suddenly are confronted by a vast array of choices on how to make the images, with only a short period of time to make them.

“What settings should I use…what ISO…should I try to move closer…should I shoot it as a vertical…should I put on a teleconverter…should I take off the teleconverter… what is a teleconvertor…should I use my flash…should I switch my car insurance to that company run by a lizard…”

Photography is all about choices, from the technical side of settings, to the art of composition.  And sometimes all the choices we have to make behind the camera can be a little overwhelming.  This is why we developed the “Total Exposure” photography workshop series, to provide the aspiring or experienced nature photographer with an opportunity to learn about all the different facets of nature photography, and be able to make the right choices when that amazing photography opportunity presents itself.  Whether you have a point and shoot camera, or an SLR, we’ll demystify the settings and functions common to all of our cameras, and explore just what you need to know to make better shots.

Our “crash course” starts with an introduction to nature photography and the techniques we know will help you immediately improve your nature photography, and help you get the shots you want. We sift through settings, exposure concepts, and composition techniques to give you an introduction to nature photography, helping you build a foundation where the technical side of photography will begin to become intuitive, while letting you focus on composing great images instead of worrying about settings.